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Miscellaneous Pvolve Studio Policies

Should I wear shoes to class?

At Pvolve, we require our clients to wear sneakers as our program is athletic in nature.  Sneakers are better for the body given our emphasis of grounding through the feet.  Some classes include jumping and dumbbells which sneakers can protect during

Can I bring my phone into class with me?

Cell phones can be a distraction to others during a workout, so we kindly ask you to leave your phone in your locked locker during class.

Can I bring my child or pet with me?

We do not allow pets in the studio. Children under the age of 14 will not be allowed in the studio or lobby unless always accompanied by an adult.  Children aged 14-16 can work out in the studio with an accompanying parent. Children 16-18 can work ou

Do you offer gift cards?

Yes, we do offer e-gift cards and Pvolve Studio gift cards!. You can purchase Pvolve e-gift cards to purchase equipment, apparel, and R9 at https://www.pvolve.com/products/e-giftcard. E-gift cards are only valid for purchases at Pvolve.com. Exclusion