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Can Pvolve help with sciatica?Updated 4 months ago

Sciatica can be from several different causes, so as always, we recommend consulting your doctor before starting Pvolve.

If you're cleared to exercise, doing hip-opening stretches, as well as core and hip-strengthening exercises, can help people with sciatica.

We recommend:

  • Keeping a neutral spine as you work, making sure you are not back-bending.
  • Working in a shallow range of motion, especially when externally rotating (turning out).
  • Using stretches found in yoga-like pigeon pose, lizard, butterfly, and figure-four to help release a tight outer glute.
  • If you are experiencing a sciatica flare-up that is causing pain, it may be best to rest.

For more information, check out this informative blog written by our Master Trainer, Antonietta, about tips for working out with sciatica.

After you check out that blog, if you'd like some personalized modifications, our trainers are happy to help! You can sign up for a complimentary 15-Minute Consult with a Pvolve trainer here

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