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How Recover 9 was createdUpdated 4 months ago

Co-Founder Rachel Katzman had a vision for Pvolve as a holistic wellness offering beyond the work-outs and equipment – she wanted to create a nutritional product unlike any other to help do what Pvolve does – build the body up. Rachel collaborated with Pvolve’s head of Physical Product, Stephanie Wineman, and Dr. Nima Alamdari, Physiologist and Chief Science Officer at Ritual Vitamins on the inspiration and invention process. Rachel really wanted a supplement that supported the promise of the method that was not a meal replacement.  

An exploratory began with Dr. Nima and Rachel’s vision connected to something that would alleviate joint pain and muscle soreness. Rachel wanted this supplement to be all-natural and good for you – low in calories, no sugar, no sodium, and less focused on traditional protein supplements which led to the creation of an innovative formula that has never before existed. 

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