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Is Pvolve okay for people with scoliosis and rods in their back?Updated 4 months ago

Always first consult with a medical professional or physical therapist to determine what movements should be modified or limited and how to do so.

Generally, Pvolve should be fine for people with scoliosis and rods in their back. When working with scoliosis, you want to aim to stretch the compressed side and strengthen the over-lengthened side of the body due to the curvature.

When working with scoliosis and rods in your back, you will want to:

  • Keep your spine long and avoid forward folds and hinges at your hips.
  • Keep rotations of the spine in a shallow range of motion that is comfortable for you, working to find mobility in the areas of the spine that can move while keeping stable in the areas that are fixed.
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