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Troubleshooting - trouble logging in to your account.Updated 3 months ago

We are so sorry you are having trouble logging into your account!
Here are some troubleshooting steps that work in most cases:
  1. Log out and log back into your account -- How to video
  2. Clear your cookies and cache for app.pvolve.com -- How to video
  3. Access our platform via Incognito/Private mode on your browser
If you need further assistance, please contact us at [email protected] with the following details and we'd be happy to assist you:
  1. Are you having trouble logging in on the 1) Web, 2) Pvolve Streaming app, 3) Pvolve Studios app? 
  2. If you are the Pvolve Streaming app or Studios app, can you share your mobile device's OS version (e.g., iOS 13)?
  3. If you are on the web, can you share the browser (e.g. Google Chrome, Safari) that you are using?
  4. Can you replicate the issue in Incognito/Private mode on your browser?
  5. Share a screenshot or screen recording of the issue. The more detail the better -- this will allow for faster resolution! 
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