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Are the Pvolve workouts for women only?Updated 4 months ago

Pvolve workouts are for everyone! While we strive to serve women who are often let down by traditional fitness, the reality is anyone can benefit from our style of movement and equipment. That’s because we’re rooted in functional training, which works with the human body’s natural biomechanics. Doing our workout will not only strengthen muscles, but it will also allow you to move with more ease, strength, and balance, no matter who you are or the level you’re starting from. 

Pvolve offers a range of programming suited for both men and women. As a Pvolve member, you'll get access to a variety of class types and programming to meet your individual needs. We also have a complimentary trainer consultation included in your membership where you can ask questions on how to get started based on your specific goals. Learn more HERE.

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