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I'm doing IVF, how do I get started ?Updated 4 months ago

We highly recommend watching the “Welcome to Moving During Fertility Treatment” intro video before you begin exercising. Reproductive endocrinologist, Dr. Hancock, and lead trainer Maeve break down how to best follow the series and what you can expect. There are also three educational talks at the bottom of the series page where the doctors go over IVF/egg freezing, exercise & fertility treatment, and FAQs about fertility treatment if you’re looking to learn more before you begin exercising.


The series is designed to be done during the ovarian stimulation process, meaning from day 1 of your injections all the way through the end of your post-retrieval phase. There is even a workout for when you get your next period post-retrieval!  The series is broken down into 3 sections based on the timeline of the ovarian stimulation process. We highly recommend sticking to the workout videos within the appropriate phase/timeline to lessen the risk of exercise-induced ovarian torsion.


Additionally, you can learn more about how Pvolve can help during the ovarian stimulation process with this blog post:


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