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What channel is the Moving with Menopause Series on? On-Demand, LVS, or Studio?

This series is on-demand only. If you are looking for a more personalized approach, you can schedule a virtual personal training session with one of the experts in the series by emailing [email protected] and specifying you would like to schedule a

Where do I find the Fertility content?

You can go to our on-demand library --> Series tab --> Women’s Wellness --> Moving During Fertility Treatment

I'm doing IVF, how do I get started ?

We highly recommend watching the “Welcome to Moving During Fertility Treatment” intro video before you begin exercising. Reproductive endocrinologist, Dr. Hancock, and lead trainer Maeve break down how to best follow the series and what you can expec

Who is the Fertility Series for?

This series was created for those undergoing ovarian stimulation as part of fertility preservation or the IVF cycle (egg freezing/egg donation).