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I'm having trouble logging into my Pvolve Studios accountUpdated 3 months ago

On Monday, October 23rd, we created a new login system for Pvolve Studios (app and web). If your login isn’t working, please reset your account password.


Systems affected:

- Pvolve Studios App (white font on black background)
- app.pvolve.com/locations


Systems NOT affected:

- Pvolve App (black font on light background)

Note that if you use your social account to log in (Facebook/Apple/Google), the password reset should be tied to the email associated with your social account

Why do I have to create separate account logins for Pvolve Studios and Pvolve Streaming?
We’ve been experiencing ongoing technical problems with synchronizing these accounts. We expect a more seamless and reliable experience by separating these account logins and are working on making the overall experience more seamless in the near future. 


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