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Technical web and app issues + optimal streaming set-upUpdated 2 months ago

For an optimal streaming experience, please ensure you're using the recommended browsers and operating systems, and meet the minimum speed requirements.

Supported Web browser

  • Chrome 124-121

  • Mobile Safari 17-16

  • Safari 17-15

  • Chrome Mobile 124-123

  • Firefox - latest (currently 125)

Supported Apple OS (phone, tablets)

  • 17, 16, 15

Supported Android OS (phone, tablets)

  • 14, 13, 12, 11, 10

Internet connection

  • Stable connection with a download speed of 30mbps

  • To test your speed, please click here

If you've configured your settings optimally and are still experiencing issues, please attempt the following troubleshooting steps. Afterward, provide our team with the following information for further assistance:

If this does not resolve the issue, please reach out to [email protected] with the following information:

  • The email address associated with your membership.
  • Are you experiencing this issue on our website, mobile app, or studio app?
  • What device are you currently using? Does this issue occur on other devices?
  • Can you please provide a screenshot or screen recording of the issue you are experiencing? 
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