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Casting from the Pvolve app

At this time, you're able to cast Pvolve to your TV via Airplay or Chromecast. You can also stream by downloading our Apple TV app!. How to watch on Apple TV. Still having trouble? As another option, you can download the Google Home app from the Goog

Casted workouts aren't tracking in my completed workouts! How can I fix this?

We apologize for this inconvenience here! We want to make sure you get credit for every completed workout!   Please try the following steps to update your stats and make sure your hard work is reflected: Close the Pvolve app on your mobile device Re

Do I need WiFi to stream workouts?

Yes! You do need WiFi to stream Pvolve workouts.

Filtering the On Demand Library

To navigate the On Demand Library, you can use any combination of the following filters:. Tip: You can add filters from multiple categories to further refine your search!.

How do I add a workout series to My Plan?

Technical web and app issues + optimal streaming set-up

For an optimal streaming experience, please ensure you're using the recommended browsers and operating systems, and meet the minimum speed requirements. Supported Web browser. Chrome 124-121. Mobile Safari 17-16. Safari 17-15. Chrome Mobile 124-123.

Troubleshooting - Pvolve App and Pvolve Studios App

If you are having trouble opening the Pvolve app on your device, there is often a simple explanation!. If you are using the Apple iOS app or the Android app, please ensure you have completed the following troubleshooting steps:. If you are still havi