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Using the Music PlayerUpdated a month ago

With our music player, you can listen to a variety of genres while you work out! The list of available stations is below:


  • Hip Hop
  • Electronic
  • Throwback
  • Chill


  • Chill (Featuring music from independent artists)
  • Electronic (Featuring music from independent artists)

Adjusting Volume

  • During playback, hover over the volume icon on the right side of the player  
  • If you want to hear the trainer tips more clearly, or if you'd prefer a more music-focused workout, select and hold the sliders for 'Music' or 'Trainer' to adjust the volume for each 


Station Controls  

  • While viewing a workout, hover over the music icon located in the top left of the video player
  • From here, you can pause the music or skip to the next track 
  • Track and artist information is displayed for the current song 


  • Tap or click the music icon to view available stations
  • Select one of the available stations
  • Tap or click the music icon to exit the station menu 


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