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What to expect from Menopause content?Updated 4 months ago

Moving with Menopause is a collection of classes created in partnership with Elektra Health to help better manage symptoms you may experience throughout menopause. In this ground-breaking series, we’ll give you tools to help better manage things like body composition changes, brain fog, bone density and muscle mass loss, sleep issues, night sweats, fatigue, and more through movement and mindset.


This series incorporates four different class formats: lifting heavy weights for improved body composition and to mitigate muscle loss that occurs with age; cardio circuits for improved bone strength, heart health and cognitive functioning; pelvic floor strengthening & release for improved overall pelvic floor health; breathing, meditation, and stretching for improved mindset, recovery & sleep.In addition to the workouts, there are educational talks with Nurse Practitioner Jackie Gianelli from Elektra Health which deep dive into the menopause transition and how one can move through this process with greater ease by integrating our movement and mindfulness interventions.

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