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What channel is the Fertility Series on? On-Demand, LVS, or Studio?

This series is on-demand only. If you are looking for a more personalized approach, you can schedule a virtual personal training session with one of the experts in the series by emailing [email protected] and specifying you would like to schedule P.

Where do I find the Menopause content?

In our on-demand library, then go to Series --> Women’s Wellness --> Moving With Menopause

What equipment is used in the Moving with Menopause Series?

The workouts use the P.band, P.ball strap, Heavy Ankle Band, Gliders, and 1.5 lb. Ankle Weights. Additionally, the workouts use heavy hand weights of your choosing that allow for good form. While we strongly advise using our equipment, suggested subs

What to expect from Menopause content?

Moving with Menopause is a collection of classes created in partnership with Elektra Health to help better manage symptoms you may experience throughout menopause. In this ground-breaking series, we’ll give you tools to help better manage things like

How do I get started with Moving with Menopause series?

Because everyone’s menopause journey and specific mix of symptoms are different, this program is designed for you to choose the classes that address the symptoms you may be experiencing. That means there’s no prescribed path to follow in terms of wha