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LVS All Time Stats

The "All Time Stats" section is a dedicated area within our Pvolve web and mobile apps that provides members with a snapshot of their workout history. This includes the total number of completed workouts and the cumulative time spent on those workout

"All Time Stats": Access and Tracking

Members can find their "All Time Stats”, prominently displayed on the Pvolve web homepage and mobile apps, showcasing both total workouts and hours, with a calendar view for recent activity. "All Time Stats" are dynamically updated. Please note that

LVS Workout History: Display Differences

Web Platform: Weekly Overview On the web version of "All Time Stats," we provide a focused, 7-day history of workouts, spanning from Monday to Sunday. This weekly snapshot is designed to give members a concise view of their recent workout consistenc

What workouts does "All Time Stats" reflect?

The new "All Time Stats" feature reflects: