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LVS All Time Stats

The "All Time Stats" section is a dedicated area within our Pvolve web and mobile apps that provides members with a snapshot of their workout history. This includes the total number of completed workouts and the cumulative time spent on those workout

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Your First Live Studio Class

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How do I access my Live Virtual Studio (LVS) class at class time?

How do I access class at class time?. Go to www.app.pvolve.com/live or open the mobile app and navigate to Live, ensure you are logged in, and press the 'Enter Class' button.

What devices and browsers can I stream from?

You can stream Pvolve on all web and mobile browsers, and through our Apple and Android apps. All you need is an internet connection!

What is the Live Virtual Studio?

The Live Virtual Studio, a.k.a. LVS, is our members’ favorite way to tap into the high-energy, community-centric feel that you get from an in-person studio, but from anywhere in the world. Included in all streaming memberships, our LVS classes are st

Can I book a LVS class from my phone?

Yes! You can book through our Apple and Android apps. You can also log in to www.pvolve.com on your mobile device and book!

How do I book a Live Virtual Studio (LVS) class?

Follow these steps to book a class in the Live Virtual Studio: Booking On Web/Mobile Web:. On the mobile app:. To learn more about our Live Virtual studio, check out our most recent blog!

Do you offer virtual private sessions?

We do! We encourage our clients to partake in private sessions, especially if they are new to P.volve. If you are interested in setting up a private session, please contact the studio at 615-981-4518.

What should I wear to a Live Studio class?

We’ll tell you what not to wear: anything that may restrict your range of motion or cause you to trip over yourself. Comfort is key and supportive sneakers are a must!

How often should I come to class to see results?

We recommend attending 3-4 classes per week for the best results, especially as you are just starting out, but even just one is better than none. We know you have a life outside  the gym, so you can always stream your workouts at home when you can’t