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Other Equipment Questions

Do any of the items contain latex?

Yes. Some of our products, such as the P.ball, P.band, P.3 contain components made of latex. See warning labels on all Pvolve equipment products for full information.

Do the gliders work on carpeted floors?

Yes, the gliders are safe and effective on carpeted floors. For wood floors, we suggest using a pair of our glider gloves with your gliders to prevent floor damage. You can purchase this HERE.

What are the gliders?

Discs that allow for smooth movement and create deep muscle engagement in your legs, core, and glutes. Other ways we use our Gliders: In planks for more core activation and to speed up moves in our Cardio Burn classes.

What equipment colors are available for purchase?

We're thrilled to let you know that we've started introducing our new black & bone colorway equipment!. As these fresh colors make their way to our fulfillment center, they'll be accessible for both individual equipment purchases and bundle orders. A

Where is the equipment made?

All Pvolve equipment is produced in China.