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Pvolve & Pregnancy

Can I do Pvolve during pregnancy?

As long as you don't have any restrictions from your doctor, Pvolve is perfectly safe to do throughout pregnancy!. While you can do any workout in our On-Demand library during pregnancy, be sure to take a look at our dedicated Prenatal Workouts, as w

Are there any tips for starting Pvolve post-pregnancy?

Congratulations on the addition to your family! Once you're cleared by your doctor to exercise, P.volve is a great postpartum workout. We recommend starting with the Postnatal workouts in the Women’s Wellness category. To get back in the groove, star

Is there any equipment I should avoid during pregnancy?

However, always be careful with changes in your balance. You may need to stay away from the slant board as your pregnancy progresses, simply because your balance is changing so quickly and the weight of the baby is already pulling you forward in spac

Can I do Phase & Function if I’m on birth control?

Absolutely! Phase & Function will help you to optimize each phase of your cycle, whether or not you’re on birth control.