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Who is the Moving with Menopause Series for?

This content is for anyone in the menopause transition (but can also be enjoyed by all). Peri-menopause can start as early as the late thirties for some women and most body composition changes happen during peri-menopause. We recommend these workouts

What is the Fertility series?

This series includes 19 classes (workouts, stretches and meditations) tailored to the hormonal fluctuations throughout the ovarian stimulation process. Created in collaboration with infertility specialists Dr. Kolbe Hancock, M.D. and Dr. Shannon DeVo

What is Phase & Function?

Phase & Function is a cycle syncing series that will teach you how to flip the script on traditional exercise for women and work intuitively with the body’s natural hormonal patterns and fluctuations. The series uses three areas of focus for a holist