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Your First Live Studio Class

How many people are in class in the Live Virtual Studio?

Our LVS classes typically have 15-25 members in them. Log in to Zoom and bring the Pvolve community to your house, complete with real-time feedback from our trainers.

How does real-time feedback work in Live Virtual Studio?

Keep your camera on and our trainers will keep an eye on you as you progress through your workout. they'll give tips and corrections to the group and individually the same as they would in the real-life studio. Modifications will also be given to any

Can other people see and hear me in Live Virtual Studio (LVS) classes?

The trainer will be pinned to the screen for you and other members to follow as they teach the class. You will be on mute (no need to worry about background noise!) and taking in the trainer and the music while just another thumbnail in the gallery.

Do I need to keep my camera on for Live Virtual Studio (LVS) classes?

You can do whatever you’re most comfortable with. We strongly recommend keeping your camera on for that community feel and to receive real-time feedback.

How do I prepare for Live Virtual Studio (LVS) class?

You can read more about all of this on the Pvolve blog.

What should I bring to class?

A reusable water bottle and an open mind! It might sound cheesy, but it's important—our method is unique and it can take a few classes to get the hang of it. All equipment used in class will be listed in the class description. Practice patience with