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Digital Memberships

Can I try the classes without equipment?

You can try the classes without commitment by signing up for the 7-day Free Trial! You can also cancel at any time. Limit of one trial period per customer.

What is the monthly and annual membership cost and activation process?

We have two membership options: monthly and annual. Below, you'll see the prices for each plan. To join, click the link to activate your 7-day trial membership: https://www.pvolve.com/products/streaming-membership. After your 7-day trial, your member

How much are digital membership subscriptions?

Membership + Equipment Bundles. Signature Bundle:. Total Transformation Bundle:. Essentials Bundle:. All Pvolve streaming subscriptions renew automatically until you cancel. To manage or cancel your Pvolve streaming membership, log in, go to the Memb

I have a trial/membership, and would like to purchase a bundle. How to I get access to the streaming membership?

If you wish to purchase a bundle after starting a subscription or 7-day Trial, you must do so without the inclusion of the digital membership. Our free one-month and twelve-month membership offers are available for new members only. Both trialists an

How do I cancel my digital membership or trial?

We're sad to see you go! If there’s anything we can do to make it up to you, please reach out to [email protected]. If you’d like to proceed with canceling your membership follow the steps below or follow this Membership Cancellation video. If you need

How do I cancel my digital membership purchased using Apple's App Store or Google's Play Store?

If you purchased a digital membership using an Apple device, or via iTunes, Apple requires customers to cancel through the App Store. If you are reading this on your iOS device, click this link to manage your subscription. Or, you can cancel your Pvo