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P.Ball Instruction Guide - How to use the P.ball?

Does the P.ball fit all sizes?

Yes! The P.ball fits most! The P.ball should have a snug fit, but it shouldn't dig into skin or feel uncomfortable. For added strap length unhook the metal clasps and insert the included 5.7 P.ball Extender. You may need to add an additional extender

What is the full inflation size of the P.ball?

Full inflation is 18-21 inches in circumference. If ball deflates over time and no longer feels firm, re-inflate with the included pump. (The needle is in the pump handle. Make sure to dip the needle in water before inserting.).

Where can I find the inflation needle for my P.ball pump?

The inflation needle is stored in the handle of the pump. Open the cap at the end of the handle to find the inflation needle .Insert the inflation needle on the front of the pump by screwing it on. Be sure to not over-inflate the P.ball, as bursting

What is the P.ball?

The ball that started it all. Our signature piece of equipment is used exclusively in the Pvolve Method—and the reason we’re known for shaping legs and glutes. And, as a bonus, the ball and band can be used separately to level up your planks, work yo