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Form & Physiology

What kind of classes does Pvolve have?

Strength & SculptSculpt and tone your full body with our signature, low-impact, big-results workout. Progressive Weight TrainingBuild strength with a mix of weight training and dynamic, functional movement. Recover & StretchEase feelings of tightness

What results can I expect?

Pvolve workouts are for everyone! While we strive to serve women who are often let down by traditional fitness, the reality is anyone can benefit from our style of movement and equipment. That’s because we’re rooted in functional training, which work

Does low-impact mean it's an easy workout?

Not at all. We often say that the Pvolve Method is gentle, not easy. That’s because our focus is on using the mind-to-muscle connection and functional movement to create deep, complex muscle engagement that sculpts without the intense wear and tear y

My muscles aren't sore after the workouts. Am I doing something wrong?

No! Pvolve features low-impact functional movement which can sculpt without limiting next-day muscle soreness you may have become accustomed to with traditional fitness. We believe you can work the body this way and still get amazing results that wil

Can I modify the workouts to take pressure off of my wrists?

Yes! 10 Min Wrist Modifications in our On-Demand Library will take you through several modifications for plank moves that put less stress on the wrists. Focus on engaging your core, arms, and back to build up strength and take pressure off the joints

Can I do the workouts if I have a chronic rotator cuff injury?

If you haven't, please consult with a medical professional or physical therapist and have them explain what movements should be modified or limited. Anytime you are feeling pain or discomfort, it's best to listen to your body and rest as needed. If y